Chinese Remedies for Broken Bones

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You can help promote the healing of broken bones with the use of many complementary therapies within Traditional Chinese Medicine. In their holistic approach to health care, two or more modalities are usually used together. Chief among these modalities are acupuncture, herbology, and medical qigong. According to basic Chinese medicine, therapy should be directed toward moving blood, relieving pain and inflammation, and also supporting the kidneys, which in Chinese medicine, rule the bones.

Acupuncture Therapy

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Acupuncture is a medical practice that uses fine needles to stimulate specific points with the intention of stimulating qi, or vital energy, to promote balance and wellness within the body. Acupuncture for broken bones uses points that are local to the injury or the associated meridian pathway, which helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. General pain points used by the Shanghai College of Traditional Medicine include ear points, shen men, adrenal gland, kidney point and points specific to the area of injury. Long term therapy is directed toward the kidneys, which would include kidney 3, the source point of the kidney found on the ankle, and bladder 23, an important controlling point of the kidney located on the back over the kidneys.


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Herbal therapy has long been a favorite way of treating broken bones in Chinese medicine. Falling in the category of "hit medicine" this therapy first uses herb formulas to relieve pain and increase blood circulation. According to "Acupuncture Today," it then moves to support the kidneys, liver and nutritional aspects to promote proper bone health. Formulas such as the classic traumatic injury pills Jin Gu Die Shang Wan, or Die Da Yao Jing are effective for early trauma and pain. For tonifying the kidneys and bones, Jian Gu formula is often used. This formula contains the Chinese herb eucommia, which, according to the "Encyclopedia of Alternative Health," is long recognized for its use in supporting good kidney health and strong bones.

Medical Qigong

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You can further promote healing and repair of broken bones by doing qigong. The well known Qigong Institute advocates the practice of qigong to promote good health, quicken the healing response of the body, and to help deal with chronic illness. Through the use of movement, self massage and breathing, qigong can increase your vitality. Along with acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy, it can be a potent modality to help to heal broken bones. Among the dozens of types of qigong, Tai Chi is most familiar in the west. Many other systems of medical qigong deal more directly with bone health and traumatic injury.

First Things First

Sustaining a broken bone is a serious injury. A trip to the emergency room or urgent care center is essential in determining the seriousness of your injury. Often, a cast is necessary to immobilize the injured bone to prevent further injury. After you have properly addressed the preliminary treatment protocol, consult an acupuncturist or doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for proper evaluation and the best treatment plan for your individual needs.