Weight Training DVDs for Women

Weight Training DVDs for Women

If you haven't already made strength training a part of your overall fitness program, you owe it to yourself to begin. Not only will you sculpt a tauter, toner, more attractive body, but you'll also be building stronger and healthier muscles and bones while adding variety and interest into your workout routine. DVD weight-training workouts are affordable, readily available and simple to follow, and they can be done anytime in complete privacy in the comfort of your own home -- no gym membership required.

No Barbells Required

If you assumed weight training requires 100-pound barbells and sweaty gym equipment, you'll be happy to know that strength training can be accomplished in the privacy of your own home with just your own body weight for resistance or with an assortment of exercise props. Resistance bands, tubes and hand-held free weights are all used in commonly bought weight-training DVDs for women. Invest in two or three different DVDs, and you'll have a well-rounded collection to work your muscles in different ways and keep your workouts interesting.

Sanity Works Just Fine

The hype and buzz about trendy new fitness programs can be hard to resist, but a cautious approach will pay off in the long run. When you pick a workout that is too fast, challenging or difficult to follow, it can leave you discouraged and subject to injury. Before investing in an expensive multi-disc training system you might not need or want, start with the basics. It's perfectly fine to start with a short, simple routine and progress slowly and sensibly. Start or augment your weight training by browsing the dozens of 30-minute weight-training DVDs available, and see which ones look like programs you could stick with.

Hold on to Your Wallet

As you browse the product descriptions, look for details about the instructor, the workout and the equipment required. Pay close attention to any customer review sections for insight as to how the DVD matches up to its description. Before you pull out your wallet, check to see if the video or a portion of it is available for preview. Some have segments posted for free on-line. You want an experienced trainer that offers clear instructions, models the moves performed and offers modifications to make the exercises easier.

Patience Before Perfection

Weight-training DVDs let you incorporate strength training into your fitness program. You can experiment with new exercises, go at your own pace, repeat instructions and skip sections you don't enjoy. Begin with a light weight at first, one that lets you complete one set of eight to 12 reps and work your muscles to fatigue. Be patient as you work with a new video and give yourself time to master the moves. As you progress, you can up the intensity of your workouts by increasing the weight of your hand-held dumbbells. Always rest at least a day between your strength workouts to give your muscles a chance to rest, repair and rebuild.