How to Support Your Wrists During Workouts


Wrist pain is a common problem among people who regularly perform resistance exercises for the upper body. The position of the wrists during many exercises, as well as the repetitive action of the exercises themselves help contribute to painful wrists. Support your wrists by using wraps or tape, or change your wrist positions to help eliminate pain to continue your workout.

Attach weight lifting wrist straps to your wrists before your workout to help support your wrists as you lift weights. Secure the straps around your wrists, then wrap the loose ends around the barbell or dumbbells to create the support.

Wrap one strip of athletic tape around your palm, just under your fingers and one strip around your wrist to create anchors for wrist taping. Fill in the area between the two anchors with horizontal strips of tape, vertical strips, a criss-cross pattern or other style depending on your needs. Wrist taping creates effective support for any sport or workout.

Turn your hands sideways so your palms are facing in when doing pushups, and perform the pushups on your knuckles to protect your wrists. Alternatively, use hexagonal dumbbells or pushup bars to get your wrists in the same neutral position and reduce pain.