How to Make a Deep Lacrosse Goalie Pocket

Beginner and intermediate goalies typically fare better with a deeper pocket because it provides a large catching area when defending against shots. The basic differences between a goalie stick and a field stick are the shape of the head and the depth of the pocket. To make a deep pocket, it’s necessary to fit the goalie head with the larger piece of diamond mesh that's included with the strings in a goalie head kit. If you are new to stringing, enlist the services of an experienced stringer to make a deep lacrosse goalie pocket.

  1. Stretch the diamond mesh netting in all four directions by hand to make it pliable. Fold the wider end of the mesh over to create a doubled course of diamonds that fasten to the top rail of the goalie head.

  2. Lace the doubled course of diamond mesh to the top rail of the head with the top-tie string. Use the traditional loop-and-swoop lacing pattern to create half hitches at each of the tying holes at the top of the head. Secure the top-tie string with an overhand knot against the outside of the head.

  3. Lace the single courses of diamond mesh at each side of the netting to the side rails of the head with the sidewall strings. Use the traditional loop-and-swoop pattern, but do not tie off the ends of the strings at this point.

  4. Hold the goalie head stable with one hand. Push a lacrosse ball into the pocket and create the deep pocket. Push the ball from side-to-side in the pocket, as well as into the upper part of the pocket to create the largest receiving area possible. If necessary, repeat this step until the new mesh remains in the deep configuration.

  5. Fold the lower edge of the mesh to create a double course of diamonds across the base of the goalie head. Lace the bottom of the mesh to the base of the head with the bottom string. Secure the string with a double overhand knot against the outside of the head.

  6. Secure both sidewall strings with double overhand knots against the outside of the stringing rails.

  7. Weave two shooting strings across the upper portion of the diamond mesh pocket. The uppermost shooter is two courses from the top rail of the head. The second shooter is one course below the first.

  8. Tie off each of the shooting strings with double overhand knots against the outside of the head.


    Weave a third shooting string one course below the second for additional power when making outlet passes to teammates.

Things Needed

  • Goalie head kit
  • Lacrosse ball

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