Tennis Ball Exercises for Carpal Tunnel

tennis ball in man hand close up

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder that can develop in your hands or wrists from repetitive use or an injury that causes the median nerve in your wrist to become inflamed. One way minor cases can be treated is by using a common item you most likely have around your house -- a tennis ball. Yes, that yellow, fuzzy item that you play tennis with or teach your dog to fetch can be used to treat your carpal tunnel through four different exercises.

Squeezing Exercise

The first way to alleviate carpal tunnel with a tennis ball is to follow a simple squeezing routine. Hold the ball in the center of your hand, squeeze it for five seconds and release your grip. "Ultimately, what this does is strengthen your wrists. As your wrist muscles get stronger, they protect the sheaths that the tendons go through that cause carpal tunnel syndrome," says the website Muscle Building Techniques. Do as many repetitions as needed. The best time to do this is while watching TV, as it can pass the time during those annoying commercial breaks.

Rolling Exercise

Place a tennis ball on a table and the palm of your hand on top of the ball. Roll your hand around the ball, making circular and up and down motions, then do the same with the other hand. This relaxes and relieves tension in your wrists, hands and fingers, according to MicroMoves.

Massage Exercise

Use a tennis ball to massage your aching wrists and alleviate carpal tunnel pain. "Using a tennis ball and your other hand, gently massage the tendons through the forearm and wrist in a circular motion along the length of the arm," explains musician David Sawyer.

Finger Stretch Exercise

Sawyer also recommends a finger stretch exercise for carpal tunnel syndrome. While standing up, put your hand flat on a table and put a tennis ball under one finger at a time. Do this for eight seconds for each finger. This exercise stretches out tendons that run from your fingers through your wrists.