How to Calculate Mile Pace


Mile pace is an important figure for runners. This statistic denotes how many minutes it takes you to complete one mile, averaged over an entire run. Runners note progress with this figure, attempting to increase their pace over time.

Mile pace is also used for long races. This is a way to pace yourself throughout the run. Technology has made it possible for a runner's watch to display your pace. You can also calculate mile pace the old-fashioned way.


Note your running time and distance. The three running variables are distance, pace and time. You need to know two of the variables to figure the third. Make note of your distance in miles and time.

Convert time to minutes. If you recorded your time in hours, convert this to minutes by multiplying the hours by 60. For example, if you ran two hours, two times 60 is 120 minutes.

Divide total time in minutes by distance in miles. You ran 9.6 miles in that 120 minutes. 120 divided by 9.6 is 12.5. Your mile pace is 12.5 minutes per mile.

Convert any fraction of minutes into actual seconds. The .5 is not in seconds. Multiply any numbers after the decimal by 60 to convert them to seconds. .5 times 60 is 30. Your mile pace is 12 minutes 30 seconds per mile.