Blue Pearl Meditation Technique

Like a number of other meditation techniques, the "blue pearl" meditation is centered on visualization. Practitioners focus on a candle flame to enable the visualization of a small ball of blue energy in their mind's eye -- in the center of the forehead. The technique is often associated with Siddha yoga, but you can learn this simple meditation technique without following that yogic tradition.

Gazing Into Light

Light a candle and place it about 12 inches away from you at eye level. You may sit on the floor in the traditional cross-legged meditation pose or upright on a chair. Discomfort doesn't help meditation, so sit in the most comfortable pose for you. It is best to turn off or turn down any other lighting in the room. Gaze at the candle's flame while relaxing the muscles around your eyes and your focus. One of the aims of this technique is to avoid blinking during the meditation. This may take practice. Gaze at the flame until your eyes start to water, then close your eyes and see the image of the flame in the center of your forehead. Gradually, the image of the blue pearl should emerge from the flame. This style of meditation is thought to stimulate the pineal gland, which is the master gland of the human endocrine system. As with any meditation technique, be prepared to take your time.

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