How to Bike to Work Without Getting Sweaty

How to Bike to Work Without Getting Sweaty

Some of the reasons why people prefer to ride their bicycles to work include enjoying being outdoors, saving on gasoline or bus money, getting more exercise and not having to deal with the daily grind of traffic. One downfall is that the physical exertion of bike riding can cause you to break a sweat, which can lead to a less than professional appearance.

Bike at a moderate pace during your morning commute. Though part of the reason to bike to work is to increase your activity level, riding at a moderate pace rather than a workout pace can help you to stay sweat-free. You’ll still strengthen your muscles, burn calories and enjoy being outdoors but you will arrive at your office properly groomed for a day's work. Save the racing speed for the ride home.

Dress light if you have to wear your work clothes during your ride to prevent overheating from too many layers. Wear your slacks and shirt, but carry your sweater or jacket in a backpack and put it on when you arrive at work.

Wear workout clothing with moisture-wicking fabric if you are able to change once you get to work. Wicking means that your clothing will draw the sweat and moisture away from your body, which helps you stay drier and smell less. Many sportswear manufacturers offer clothing with a wicking feature.

Drink a bottle of cool water as you ride. The water can help to keep you hydrated while also keeping your body temperature in check.

Keep your backpack as light as possible by only bringing the necessities. The more weight you are carrying while riding your bike the more the exertion, which can lead to an increased amount of sweat. Take only what you absolutely need and leave the rest at home.

Take public transportation or catch a ride with a friend in the morning if it's especially hot or humid, yet bring your bike with you so that you are able to ride it home in the evening.

Ride a motorized commuter bike. These bicycles use a battery-powered electric motor, along with pedals, to make your ride easier. Less physical exertion can result in less sweat. Though your activity level is decreased, you will still enjoy being outdoors and helping the environment because no gasoline is needed.


Check with your physician before you start riding your bike to work if you've previously been sedentary.