Arm & Wrist Weights That Can Go Under Clothes

Physiotherapy with kinesio tape

Not everyone has time to hit the gym to get the daily 30 minutes of physical exercise recommended by the American Heart Association. Wearing ankle and wrist weights that discreetly fit under your clothes may seem like an appealing option to get a workout while performing your usual daily activities. Most weights are bulky and can slip down on your wrists or legs so that people can see them, but there are a few brands designed to stay hidden under your clothing.

BodyTogs Ankle Weights

The BodyTogs for Legs are thin weights that wrap around the legs, extending from the ankles to just under your knees. These weights fit under pants or long skirts. The 5 pound weights come in small, medium, large or extra large, based on the circumference of your calves. They fit calves between 11.5 inches to 18 inches. Measure your calf at the largest part to ensure that your order the correct size. The prices as of 2014 range from $45.95 to $79.99.

BodyTogs Wrist Weights

The BodyTogs for Arms wrist weights are wrapped around the forearms, from the wrists up to just below the elbows, so they are easily hidden under long sleeves. They're available as a 3.3 pound weight in two sizes. The small to medium size fits a forearm circumference of eight to 11 inches, while the large to extra large size accommodates 11- to 14- inch forearms. Current prices range from $42.95 to $69.99.

York Ankle/Wrist Weights

The York weights by York Fitness are worn on either your wrists or your ankles. They are thin, light and are adjustable with a hook and loop strap. Because they're adjustable and aren't bulky, they fit snugly under your clothes. The York ankle/wrist weights have a soft texture that is less likely to irritate your skin with extended wear.

Using the Weights

Wearing the BodyTogs ankle and wrist weights while walking on a treadmill caused increased heart rates in a study performed by Frank Wyatt, an associate professor of kinesiology at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. Although you might get more of a workout wearing these weights, ankle weights are generally not recommended for brisk walking workouts because they can strain the ankle joint and leg muscles, increasing your chances of injury. However, performing strength training exercises for the legs with ankle weights can tone your legs and prevent or even reverse the loss of bone mass, which combats osteopenia.