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Good Workout for Swimsuit Pageants

Parading across the stage in a tiny swimsuit can be nerve-wracking when you're competing in a swimsuit competition. If you're preparing for an upcoming swimsuit pageant, it's important to exercise often to help tone your entire figure. You will increase your point score if you're slender and have good muscle definition. A total-body workout will help you accomplish that goal so that you look great in your swimsuit.

Choose Swimsuit Style

Most beauty pageants include a swimsuit competition that judges you on your swimwear, your confidence and your figure. One of the most important aspects of competing in a swimsuit pageant is choosing the best swimsuit for your body type. If you choose a flattering swimsuit, your muscle tone and definition will be more visible. If you have impressive abdominal muscles, choose a two-piece suit to help showcase that area. If your thighs are your most impressive body part, choose a high-cut suit to show them off. If you struggle with your abdominal area, a one-piece suit can help flatter your figure while showing off your more impressive areas, such as strong arms or well-defined legs.

Total-Body Workout

Targeting numerous muscle groups will help you achieve a swimsuit-ready body so that you can strut down the stage confident and ready to win. Total-body exercises target more than one muscle group at a time so that you're able to tone your entire body more quickly. Do squats while holding dumbbells to work out your arms, chest, thighs and behind. Jogging or walking while doing biceps and triceps curls with dumbbells will work your upper and lower body at the same time. Certain exercise equipment, such as elliptical machines, will also give you a total-body workout. Regular cardiovascular exercises, such as swimming, running or jogging, will help melt fat so that your muscles and toned body can show through.


To get the best results, do total-body exercises regularly. Alternate what types of exercises you do to keep your muscles from getting bored, which will slow down your results. Do cardiovascular exercise one day, weight lifting another day and stretching on the third day. Fun exercise activities, such as dancing, can help you get swimsuit ready as well. Susie Castillo, author of "Confidence Is Queen: The Four Keys to Ultimate Beauty Through Positive Thinking," notes that eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep are other important ways to revamp your body and improve your self-image. Hang your pageant swimsuit in your workout area to help keep you motivated as well.


The pressure to win can influence pageant contestants to push their bodies too hard in order to get a top score. Don't restrict your caloric intake too much and stick to an hour or so of exercise per day. If you feel that you must lose weight to win, speak with your doctor to help you determine what a healthy goal is for you. If this is your first pageant, start your workout slow. Gradually build up to working out for longer periods of time or lifting heavier weights. This will help prevent injury, which can sideline your plans to compete in the swimsuit pageant.

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Sara Ipatenco has taught writing, health and nutrition. She started writing in 2007 and has been published in Teaching Tolerance magazine. Ipatenco holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in education, both from the University of Denver.

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