How to Get Motivated to Do Insanity

Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The INSANITY workouts appear on a series of DVDs made by the same people who run the P90X series. Personal trainer Shaun T guides you through, providing instruction and motivation. INSANITY workouts are intense routines that use only your body weight: No equipment or weights are necessary. Workouts include exercises for your core, strength and power training. Getting started and keeping your motivation takes commitment, but there are ways to make it easier.


Staying motivated is easier when you have the support of a team. Ask family, friends neighbors or co-workers to start an INSANITY workout program with you. Even a single workout buddy can help you get started. If you cannot find someone to join you in person, Team Beachbody -- the makers of INSANITY and P90X -- offers an online support community that allows you to exercise virtually with others following the same DVD program. Fellow INSANITY exercisers can empathize with you and share the struggle to complete workouts and stick to your exercise schedule.


Rewarding yourself is a powerful tool to assist in reaching your fitness goals.Treat yourself to a sports massage or mini shopping spree after you complete 10 workouts, for example. Exercise is its own reward, but results take time. Giving yourself a gift is more immediate and tangible. As you get going, focus only on your successes. Inevitably you will miss workouts. Do not waste energy berating yourself. Find time to make it up -- and do it.


Set goals and put up reminders. Get a calendar, hang it somewhere so that you'll see it often and mark every day you work out. Crossing off a row of days makes you want to work out even more the next day to keep up your momentum. Also, write out a realistic goal on a piece of paper and tape it to your fridge, TV or the bathroom mirror. Assign a number of pounds you want to lose or a lower body fat percentage you want to reach to remind yourself why INSANITY workouts are important to you.


Schedule your workouts so you have no excuse to put them off. You likely have a job and other responsibilities that take up a large chunk of your time. So does everybody else. Commit to your new routine on paper and it will be easier for you to follow through. The beginning of an exercise program is often the hardest time, but eventually your workouts become part of your routine. Be flexible in the long run because sometimes you may legitimately need a day off. Take time when you really need it and then get back to work.