Ninjutsu Sprinting Techniques

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Ninjutsu, the techniques of the ninja, can be accurately summed up as the martial art of winning. It centers around conflict resolution, both inward and outward. Ninjutsu teaches hand styles, weapons and several other advanced techniques of running, hiding and leaping. During the troubled years of Japan's feudal age, the Tokagure-ryu and Shinobi ninjas were employed for missions of espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance. Modern day Ninjutsu initiates are taught the traditional techniques to maximize their strengths while shielding their weaknesses from opponents.

Stealth Runs

The Togakure-ryu ninja base their training on 18 levels of physical and mental skills. Ninja sprinting techniques are employed when training Shinobi-iri (Stealth and Entering) as well as Inton-jutsu (Escape and Concealment). Ninjas run with a light step that distributes the weight of the body quickly and evenly. This technique can aid any sprinter or runner because it conditions the body for explosive, controlled movements. The light steps of a ninja are quite powerful and preserve the body's joints and ligaments.

Running Cadence

Ninjutsu practitioners maintain a sprinter's pace for long periods. Some ninjutsu techniques to improve sprinting duration involve measured leaping and breathing. Ninjas practice running at paces faster than 350 jumps or strides per minute. This requires a deep, cyclic breathing pattern of one breath every five to eight strides that can only be sustained for short distances. However, through regular training, this cadence technique can improve sprinting stamina and endurance.

Weighted Sledge

Your acceleration can be improved by training with a weighted sledge technique. In ninjutsu, practitioners are required to run at top speeds, in silence, with all their equipment and weapons in tow. The amount of gear a ninja carries should in no way impede his ability to complete a mission or goal. You can have all the benefits of this ninjutsu technique without the life threatening gear. Just attach a harness to your upper body that holds 10 percent to 15 percent of your body weight. Sprint with a weighted sledge for 11 to 16 yards in sets of three to five for a noticeable increase in your accelerating power.

Quadrupedal Acceleration

You can improve your sprinting techniques with ninjutsu movements that involve using the hands and feet to run. This is called quadrupedal acceleration or quadrupedal movement. Ninjas crouch low to the ground and can move swiftly and effectively from this position. This is also the position that sprinters start from, with their hands poised beneath them on the track. Quadrupedal galloping and leaping from all fours improves your leg strength and keeps your center of gravity low enough to achieve top speeds faster.