The Best Nike Walking Shoe

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Even with Nike shoes, some products are better than others. What really makes a pair of walking shoes better or worse depends upon you -- your athletic ability as well as your enthusiasm and budget. Someone who walks in a mall from time to time for exercise will have different needs than an athlete who completes a marathon every other month.

Nike Free TR Fit 3

The Nike Free TR Fit 3 received recognition on "Shape" magazine's list of Shape Shoe Awards 2013. According to Shape, walking in the Free TR Fit 3 was similar to walking barefoot due to the shoe's thin, flexible sole. However, the shoe still offers sufficient arch support. Having arch and heel support in shoes helps prevent heel spurs, fractures and even conditions such as osteoarthritis that can develop or be worsened through years of consistently walking with a poorly constructed shoe. Since 2013, newer versions of this shoe have been produced by Nike that offer updated designs as well as greater comfort and durability.