How to Break in a Baseball Glove With Shaving Cream

Baseball Glove

When you first purchase a baseball glove, the leather is often stiff. The stiff leather can make it difficult to open and close the baseball glove during play. Until you break the baseball glove in, it may even be difficult to catch the baseball without an error here or there. You can expedite the breaking-in process by applying shaving cream to your baseball glove. The shaving cream helps soften the leather, making the baseball glove more comfortable.

1. Squirt shaving cream onto a cloth and massage

Squirt amount

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Squirt a quarter-size amount of lanolin-based shaving cream onto a clean cloth. A soft cloth, such as a washcloth or dishtowel, is a good choice. Massage the shaving cream into the leather using a circular motion. Continue the process of adding quarter-size amounts of shaving cream to the cloth and massaging it into the baseball glove until you have covered every inch of the leather.

2. Let it dry overnight

Glove with Baseball Drying

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After massaging the glove, allow the baseball glove to dry overnight on a shelf, tabletop or other solid surface. Wipe the baseball glove down with a dry cloth in the morning, removing any excess oils or wet spots.

3. Form a deep pocket


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Form a deep pocket in your baseball glove by resting a baseball inside the web, the thatched part of the glove, and closing the glove around it. Tie the baseball glove shut, with the baseball inside, using shoelaces or a belt. This should allow for the leather to become more flexible as it is forced to fit the ball. Leave your baseball glove tied-up with the baseball inside for two to three days. Remove the ties after the two- to three-day waiting period.


  • The shaving cream will continue to soak into the leather over time, continuing the softening process. Your glove will also continue to soften the more you use it.
  • Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to applying shaving cream to your baseball glove. Overdoing it with any type of leather softener can weaken the leather and shorten the life span of your baseball glove.