Standard Length of Golf Clubs for Women and Men

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Your golf clubs translate directly to your game. If the clubs aren't fitted to your height and swing, they'll affect your shot. According to, clubs that are too long or too short impair your ability to transfer your weight during your swing. They can also cut your swing short, with the club hitting the ground too soon.

Golf clubs should be sized according to the industry's specific length standards for both men and women. Men’s clubs and women’s golf clubs vary in many ways from shaft length to clubhead weight, which can affect swing speed, clubhead speed and other important attributes. This is why finding the right golf equipment is crucial to crushing the golf ball and dominating the golf course.

What are the types of clubs?

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Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images lists industry-standard golf club lengths for drivers, woods, irons and wedges. Most golfers use a driver -- or 1 wood -- for up to 20 percent of their shots. These clubs are generally used for the first shot off the tee. A golfer's performance during this shot determines the success of the remaining shots for a particular hole. They feature graphite shafts or steel driver shafts and have a large clubface.

The fairway wood is one of the longer clubs in the bag and is used for longer shots. The heads of these clubs are large and slightly rounded for increased distance. Golfers typically use woods without tees, because the bottom of the heads are flat to prevent the club from digging into the ground.

In contrast to woods, players generally use irons for shorter shots as they get closer to the greens. This type of club usually has a flat, solid head. They have different lengths based on the number of the iron. This is the most wide ranging set of clubs in the bag.

Wedges are generally used when trying to chip out from a particular obstacle such as sand and rough. They are shorter clubs than irons.

Putters are used when putting the golf ball into the hole. They feature a long straight shaft with very little club shaft flex.

Standard Length for Drivers

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Drivers feature little variance between men’s golf clubs and ladies’ golf clubs. According to most club fitters, a women’s driver will be one inch shorter than a men’s driver with the standard for a man of average height being 45” inches. However you should consult a length chart as height differences can mean a shorter or longer shaft.

Standard Length for Woods

The standard length of steel 3s, 4s and 5 woods are 42.5, 42 and 41.5 inches, respectively; graphite 3s, 4s and 5 woods are 43, 42.5 and 42 inches, respectively; both the 7 and 9 woods are 41 inches for steel and 41.5 inches for graphite; steel 11s and 13 woods are 40.5 and 40 inches, respectively; graphite 11s and 13 woods are 41.0 and 40.5 inches.

For women, the standard length for both steel and graphite woods is exactly 1 inch less than that recommended for men. For example, the standard length for a steel 3 wood is 41.5 inches, and a graphite 7 wood is 40.5 inches.

Standard Length for Irons

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For golf club manufacturers like Callaway, Taylormade, and Cobra, the proper length for an iron is the same. The standard length for a steel 1 iron for a man is 39.5 inches. This standard measurement increases 1/2 inch for each consecutive number iron. For example, standard length for a steel 2 iron is 39 inches; a 3 iron is 38.5 inches; a 4 iron is 38 inches and so on to the steel 9 iron with the standard length of 35.5 inches. The same is true for graphite golf irons: the standard length for a 1 iron measures 40 inches, a 5 iron is 38 inches and a 9 iron is 36 inches.

As is true for woods, the standard length measurement for women's irons is 1 inch less for both steel and graphite irons. For instance, a 1 iron is 38.5 inches and a graphite 1 iron is 39 inches.

The standard length for steel and graphite wedges for men is 35 and 35.5 inches, respectively; the standard length for steel and graphite wedges for women golfers is 34 and 34.5 inches, respectively.

Custom-length Clubs

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According to, standard-length clubs should suit most average-size golfers. Sticking to these lengths allows for optimal speed and accuracy during your golf swing. However, this may not be true if you are shorter or taller than average. Consider custom-length clubs if you find that you have trouble with standard golf clubs and need clubs that suit personal preference.

The length of custom clubs, as suggested by, is determined by measuring -- in inches -- the distance from your wrist to the floor. For this measurement, wear everyday street shoes with a sole that does not increase your height by more than 1 inch. When measuring, stand "at attention" with your feet approximately 1 foot apart. To yield the best results, have a professional assist you with this process.

Alternatively, use a wrist-to-floor measurement chart to determine the ideal custom club length for you. For example, if you are 6 feet tall and your wrist-to-floor measurement is 39 inches, you will likely find it beneficial to add 1.5 inches to the standard length of any golf club. If you are 5 feet tall and your wrist-to-floor measurement is 30.5 inches, your golf game may benefit by deducting 1 inch off the length of the club you are measuring for.