The Best Hybrid Bike Tires

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Your hybrid bike has a few design features to enhance your comfort while riding, but few do as much for reducing the jarring and vibration of city riding than your tires. Tires provide absorption and traction, and hybrid bike tires excel at this with wider tread, lower tire pressures, and enhanced grip. The best tires will use high-quality rubber and a lightweight construction to provide the optimal balance between performance and comfort.

Hybrid Tire Breakdown

Hybrid bicycle tires are usually built to mount on a 700c rim, which is a standard size for hybrid and road bikes. The tires are measured from where the inner edge of the tire meets the rim, known as the bead set diameter, which comes in at 622mm for a 700c rim size. These tires are almost always clincher tires, which use a cloth and rubber tire and a wire bead to wrap around a separate inner air-filled tube. This allows you to quickly replace a popped tube when you're fixing a flat.

Getting a Grip

Hybrid tires usually also feature a hybridized tread that provides the best traction on pavement and dirt. A central strip of smooth, flat rubber provides great traction in wet conditions on pavement, and reduces rolling resistance. Thick teeth, known as the lugs of the tire, adorn either side of the contact area, which dig into rougher terrain and loosely packed soil. This gives you control off-road in conditions that would normally be prohibitively difficult to traverse for smoother tires. The best hybrid bike tires will have a tread that mirrors the conditions you expect to face; if you're never off-road, a smooth tire will perform the best, says bicycle expert and author Sheldon Brown.

Keeping the Weight Down

Higher quality tire rubber is stronger and more puncture resistant, which means you can make a tire using much less material for a lighter weight without sacrificing durability. The best tires use high-quality rubbers, and are much more expensive to match, but they'll greatly increase your performance. A lighter weight tire will make the bike feel more responsive and quicker to accelerate. Hybrid tires are much wider than road tires, which increases weight, but this also allows them to be run at lower pressures, which provides greater vibration damping to increase comfort.

Make It Durable

Durability also increases with tire quality. The durability of a tire determines how quickly the tread wears away through riding. Tires designed for hybrid and touring bikes often feature exceptionally high durability at higher prices, and feature advanced technologies like flat-resistant liners that reseal the tire after you remove something like a nail. Flat resistance is also useful for preventing flat tires in the first place; a strip of kevlar in the inside of the tire's rubber can keep things from puncturing your tube in the first place.