The Best BMX Bike for Boys

The Best BMX Bike for Boys

From old school style to new school trends, there is no doubt that the BMX obsession holds strong. Even when it comes to bikes for young boys, these days there are very specific requirements for Race BMX, Freestyle BMX and Dirt BMX. Whether for the avid racer or the one who prefers doing tricks on the street, finding the best BMX bike is all about what feels right.

The Frame Says it All

Although most BMX bikes are designed for racing, it’s not a requirement. Any boy can enjoy the light weight, speed and dirt-hugging fun of these machines. While there are a number of different brands of BMX bikes available, keep in mind that the frame is one of the biggest decisions when picking a high-quality bike. The lighter the frame, the faster the bike will go -- and that is usually associated with a higher price tag. They are typically made from one of two types of materials: chromoly steel or aluminum. The chromoly steel is heavier but more economical while an aluminum frame is lighter and rustproof.

Size is Prime

Another important factor for choosing the best bike for a boy is picking a frame size that fits the child's size. This is important for safety and for the most comfortable ride possible. If your BMX rider is 4 to 6 years old, choose a bike with low “stand over” height, 155-millimeter cranks and 20-inch by 1 1/8-inch tires. If your boy is 6 to 9 years old, choose a slightly larger frame with 165-millimeter cranks with 20-inch by 1 3/8-inch tires. For boys that are bigger or aged 9 to 13 years old choose a longer top tube, 170-millimeter cranks and 20-inch by 1.5 to 1.75-inch tires.