Golf Tips for Women With Large Breasts


Large breasts can be a major hindrance to fluid and correct golf swing. The mechanics of a proper golf swing require the upper arms to swing right in front of the chest and large breasts can get in the way of that upper arm motion. Players have two basic options to correct the issue, through attire or correction of the golf swing.

Wear Proper Attire for Your Size

Wearing the correct size clothing can help keep your breasts close to your chest, which can prevent them from hanging or otherwise protruding. According to the Living With Large Breasts website, you should purchase a bra that fits you correctly. To do so, try on bras and make sure the underwire sits flat against your ribcage. Also, certify that the bra band stays level across your back. You also might need to wear a different size than you think you should wear. When you try one on, make all of the movements you normally would while playing golf and make sure your breasts stay contained. Wear a shirt that is tight and stretchy, such as one made of spandex, to enhance your ability to keep your breasts close to your chest.

Change How Your Arms Hang

Normal teaching for the golf swing tells players to let their arms hang down in front of the chest. But according to the Golf Today website, women with large breasts will need to alter how they place their arms. Try to place your upper arms higher on your chest before you swing, which also means raising your shoulders a bit by tightening your shoulder blades.

Change Your Toe Position

You can change your foot position to eliminate the chance of your breasts getting in the way of your golf swing. The Golf Today website recommends turning your right toe out 30 degrees and drag the right heel away from the target line a few inches. Standing this way will clear space for your arms to move freely as your turn your hips in the backswing and approach to the ball.

Swing Longer Clubs

A shorter golf club shaft makes you stand closer to the ball and causes your golf club to be more vertical. If you use longer club shafts, you can stand farther away from the ball before you swing and your arms will extend outward from your body instead of straight up and down. This will lessen the chance of your breasts getting in the way of your swing.