Top 10 Cardio Workout DVDs

If you're working out by yourself at home, one of the toughest things to do is motivate yourself. It's especially challenging to get going for cardio workouts — that's why you should get a cardio workout DVD.

With an energetic instructor, who not only motivates you but shows you exactly what to do for your workout, you can get a great workout at home. With many dance-inspired workout DVDs out there, you can even bring your friends for a fun workout.


This workout was developed in Australia by fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur, Tara Simich. She created the workout because she wanted something that was easy to follow, fun and effective.

There are 12 different workouts packed into this hour-long DVD, which should be enough variety to keep you entertained. You'll bounce between boxing, plyometrics, ballet and even some twerking. The workouts are set to modern dance tracks to energize you.

The DVD also prides itself on simplicity, emphasizing that even if you're uncoordinated you can go through the workout. The only equipment you need is a yoga mat.

Tracy Anderson: Cardio Dance Express

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson leads you through six different workouts in the DVD. Each of the workouts are 10 minutes long, so you can break them up or do them all in one hour.

In each section, Tracy takes you through different moves and eventually join them together into a dance routine. The workouts are fun, energetic and upbeat.

You don't need any gear for this DVD, just following along with the easy-to-learn movements and enjoy your workout.

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

One of the stars of the TV show The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels is one of the best known trainers in the world. Her teaching style is very motivational.

She stars as the instructor in the 40-minute DVD. During the workout, you'll do 10 different cardio exercises. The workout is set up in an interval training format, so you'll do a quick burst of activity followed by a short rest.

You don't need any equipment, other than a yoga mat. You also don't need a lot of space to do the workout, which makes it ideal for a small apartment.

Shaun T's Rockin' Body DVD Workout

The live audience on set during the filming of this DVD gives it a unique twist. There are two DVDs in the video and a total of seven workouts.

You can burn up to 1,500 calories per day if you follow the workout routines properly. Shaun T guides you through different dance sessions set to fun music, including some disco.

The length of the workouts ranges from 15 to 45 minutes. Each workout has a different musical theme and there are a variety of genres that bring classic hits, from disco to rock 'n' roll.

Insanity Fast and Furious

Insanity is a total-body workout DVD series led by Shaun T, but if you're looking for a condensed version try out this single workout DVD.

The concept of this DVD is that you're condensing a 45-minute insanity workout into 20 minutes. That way, you can't use a lack of free time as an excuse to avoid working out.

Shot in a relatively small space — about the size of an apartment — the workout is designed for you to do at home. The movements are all bodyweight focused and very fast-paced.

CIZE Weight Loss Series

Beachbody, one of the biggest workout DVD companies in the business, released this dance-themed cardio series featuring Shaun T from the renowned Insanity series. Drawing on his years of experience both on and off the camera, Shaun T leads you through a number of different dance routines.

The workouts in the series are more appropriately called dance courses. This isn't by mistake. You'll learn a full dance routine in each of the two DVDs and get a workout in the process.

Cardio Core Circuit

This 51-minute long DVD is broken up into five different rounds of cardio exercises. Each round has three back-to-back bodyweight cardio exercises. After you do all three exercises you repeat them once.

After you repeat a group of three exercises you move on to a quick ab circuit, then start the next group of total-body cardio until you've completed five total cardio rounds and five ab circuits.

Country Heat Dance Workout

This DVD is perfect for people who love dance workout DVDs but wish they could hear country instead of pop music. Celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese leads you through the workouts.

There are six workouts total, five of them are fun dance routines and one is a dance conditioning routine, which is more cardio-intensive. The DVD kit also includes a healthy eating plan to guide you towards your goals.

Quick Burn Cardio

You'll need a set of light dumbbells — between two and 10 pounds — to do this workout properly. There are two workouts: One is an alternating slow and fast cardio workout; the other is an upper and lower body sculpting workout.

The cardio workout offers both low-impact and high-impact exercises and includes some jumping. The sculpting sections have a lot of exercises that combine lower and upper body moves to ensure you get a full-body workout.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo: Fat Blasting Cardio

This DVD is one of the most popular cardio DVD workouts of all-time. It stands the test of time because the workout is exciting and the instructor is entertaining and informative.

Tae Bo, which stands for Total Awareness and Excellent Body Obedience, combines martial arts with aerobic movements, you'll kick and punch your way through this classic workout.

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