Volleyball Rules for High School Girls


Knowing and understanding the rules of volleyball is essential for all players, coaches and officials to be successful in the game. High school volleyball is played similarly to collegiate volleyball in that the scoring is based on a rally system allowing the opposing team to gain a point if your team fails to follow a rule. Rules range from basic fundamentals to player substitutions. Rules continually change so it is vital to keep up to date.

The Basics

Some of the most fundamental rules of volleyball include stipulations that a team is only allowed three touches of the ball, no player is allowed two consecutive touches of the ball, a team must have at least six players on the court and all plays on or within boundary lines are considered playable.

Rally Scoring

Rally scoring gives any team the ability to score a point regardless of who serves the ball. For example, if your team serves the ball and the opposing team returns the serve, that team will earn a point if your team fails to return the ball. Games go to 25 points with a two-point difference between the winning and losing team.

Common Rule Violations

If a team violates the official rules, it will result in a point for the opposing team. Some common violations include stepping on or over the service line while serving, failing to serve the ball over the net, making contact with the net or players switching positions before the ball is in play. Line judges and the head referee monitor violations.

Advanced Substitutions

Substitutions are limited in each set and must be recorded by the score keeper. Substitutions must occur before the ball is in play. The exception to this rule is the libero, a specialized defensive player. The libero can substitute in for any back-row player at any time but must substitute out for the original player she substituted in for. The libero must wear a contrasting jersey and cannot attack any balls above net height.