How to Choose the Right Size Longboard

How to Choose the Right Size Longboard

As opposed to the difficult flip tricks and aerial maneuvers of extreme skateboarding, longboarders prefer to navigate steep hills with a surf inspired style. While the skateboard commonly measures 30 inches in length, the longboard can reach a size of 5 feet or more. According to Daddies Board Shop, the length of the wooden deck determines the speed capabilities of the longboard. Choosing the right size longboard allows you to learn the basic techniques with ease.

Choose a 46-inch deck for increased stability on downward sloping hills. Select a 40-inch deck for navigating level terrain, such as a college campus.

Opt for a 60-inch deck to master surf inspired techniques such as the hang-ten and cross-step. Select an 8- to 9-inch wide deck to decrease wind resistance.

Select a pair of aluminum or stainless steel trucks that correspond with the width of the deck. Purchase a set of 58-mm wheels to increase the acceleration of your longboard.

Choose a pair of 65-mm wheels for increased grip during turns and maneuvers. Select a pair of 70-mm wheels to boost your longboard's speed capabilities on steep hills.