How to Improve Your Slow-Pitch Softball Swing


Slow, high-arcing pitches characterize slow-pitch softball. The batters in slow-pitch don’t have to be concerned with pitch speed or breaking balls, but using the right mechanics is still important to achieve optimum results. Follow a few basic hitting techniques to drive the ball as far as possible in every at-bat.

Rotate your front hip and knee back slightly toward the catcher as the pitch is on the way to load up your energy for a more powerful swing.

Pull your hands through first as your begin your swing, pointing the knob of the bat at the ball as the pitch comes in.

Step toward the ball and use your front foot as a brace. Snap your wrists and elbows at the same time to create full-arm extension. Try to hit the ball about a foot in front of the plate.

Swing the bat with a slight uppercut to create underspin on the ball after you hit it, which helps it carry farther.


Go with the pitch, which means if it is on the outside of the plate, hit it to that field. Don’t try to pull it or you will hit a weak ground ball.


Avoid being hit by the pitch by keeping your eyes on the pitch as it comes in, until you make contact.