How to Do a Backflip on a Trampoline for the First Time if You Are Not in Gymnastics

Children bouncing up and down on trampoline

There is no need to be a gymnast in order to do a backflip on a trampoline. Thanks to its bouncy surface, all it takes is time and practice. Practice moves such as a backdrop to overcome any fears then roll into a backward somersault. Once you have mastered these basic movements try to do a backflip. It may help to have a friend spot you as you learn how to flip.

Strengthen back, neck and stomach muscles with exercises such as crunches, pullups and chinups. These muscles play an important role in performing a backflip.

Step into the center of the trampoline. To prevent serious injuries, perform a backflip in the center.

Perform backwards exercises such as a backdrop or backroll. This will help you become comfortable with the trampoline as well as overcome any fears you may have about flipping backwards. These moves also closely mimic the same kinds of moves required to do a backflip. Once you are accustomed to performing these moves, attempt a backflip.

Start jumping on the trampoline, increasing the height with each jump. Lean slightly backward with each jump. This will help provide the right angle to start and complete the jump.

Once you reach the highest peak, look upward as you throw back your arms, head, shoulders and torso behind you. Either tuck your legs against your chest or swing them around to complete the rotation. Straighten your legs before returning back to the trampoline.


Ask a friend to help spot you as you learn how to do a backflip. Keep all other people off the trampoline.


If you are unable to complete the rotation, do not move your arms down to prevent a fall. This may result in a broken arm. Fall forward into the frog position or onto your back.