How to Adjust Cliff Keen Signature Headgear


Cliff Keen Signature Headgear is designed for wrestling head protection. Pads on the headgear cover the ears and parts of the skull. In addition, there is a slightly padded jaw and chin strap. The headgear uses stretchable nylon straps that are sewn onto the pads. Adjusting these straps requires pushing the pads in and tightening at the pad area and not the strap itself.

Put the Cliff Keen Signature Headgear onto the head so the chin strap hangs below the chin. Do not attach the chin strap yet.

Push the ear pads close in to the ears so the straps on the top of the headgear get some slack. Reach under the top pad and pull on the strap tensioner, a small slit the strap threads through. Pull down on the straps to set the tension on the ear pads. Release the ear pads. Tuck the excess strap under the head pad.

Bring the chin strap under the chin and attach the loose end to the strap slit. Tighten the chin strap, leaving enough slack to open and close the jaw with no tension from the chin pad.


Always remember to tuck the excess strap length under the top pad. This prevents the straps from being pulled during competitions.