Basic Footwork Drills in Netball

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Though netball is very similar to basketball, there are some rules that the two sports do not share. For example, netball contains seven players per team, there's no dribbling with the ball and when a player catches the ball, it must released within three seconds. This means that efficient and agile footwork is imperative to avoiding penalties, scoring points and winning the game.


Enlist a teammate to help you practice the left/right drill, which requires two players. Set up three cones about 2 meters apart. Position one player on the middle cone and have the other stand 5 meters away with the ball in hand. The player with the ball should make three passes to the receiver's right, using the cones as a guide and then repeat the process to the receiver's left. The receiver should focus on landing on her outside foot and shuffle back to the middle cone after each pass. Move the passer farther back to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

Ice Cream

The ice cream drill focuses on balance and helps to improve agility. Divide the players into single-file lines positioned about 10 meter apart. The player at the front of the group without the ball runs toward the other group, catching the pass and landing on one foot before bringing the other foot to the ground. The player shouts out "ice" when his landing foot touches the ground and "cream" when his trailing foot hits the floor. The receiver then passes and follows the ball to the other group. Continue the cycle, setting a time limit for the drill.

Outside Foot

The outside foot drill requires two ball feeders and one receiver. You'll practice landing and pushing off. The receiver alternates back and forth between the two feeders, catching the ball and then passing it diagonally to the other feeder. Emphasize the importance of landing on the outside foot, so the receiver can step toward her intended target when making the next pass.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty drill helps players with their footwork and balance. One player stands holding the ball aloft and the other player runs, jumps and grabs the ball, landing with proper footwork and good balance. Once comfortable, add a turn after the landing to the routine so that the player is facing her partner. Increase the intensity of the drill by having the "statue" player sprint to another position on the court and receive a pass before repeating the exercise.