How to Break in a Baseball Glove with Shaving Cream

New baseball gloves are known for their stiffness. If you're an avid baseball player, this unyielding leather may take your game down a few notches. However, there's a quick fix to turn your new baseball glove into the asset that you need it to be.

Apply a bit of shaving cream on a clean cloth. Rub opposite ends of the cloth together to evenly distribute the shaving cream.

Take a section of the cloth and rub some shaving cream into the baseball glove's palm. Use circular motions and radiate outwards until you have treated all of the gloves' sides.

Put an old baseball into the glove's pocket. Rearrange the ball until it fits into the glove like it normally would if caught.

Tie the glove closed firmly with a rubber band or a piece of string.

Allow the baseball glove to dry overnight in a dark place at room temperature.

Untie the glove the next morning. Wipe off any remaining shaving cream with a clean, dry cloth.

Use your baseball glove. If you don't have anyone to play catch with, go to a batting cage and use the machines to catch baseballs. Customize the machine's speed so that it throws hard pitches. The practice refines both your skill and your baseball glove's pocket.

Place the old baseball in your glove and tie it closed every night. Store it a cool, dry place between uses.


Regular use of your baseball glove helps retain the shape and suppleness that the shaving cream helped form. Check with the manufacturer of your baseball glove to find other care tips.


Don't apply so much shaving cream that it wets the glove or adds to the glove's weight. Too much shaving cream on your glove can make it deteriorate faster than it normally would. Don't use shaving cream on gloves made out of suede or vinyl. Don't use shaving gel on your baseball glove. Avoid using artificial heating sources to dry your glove. They may dry out your baseball glove's leather.