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How to Get a Bronze Medal in Dressage

    Complete an application form for a USDF Participating Membership or Group Membership.

    Maintain an active membership in good standing while earning points.

    Ensure that the horse meets competition eligibility standards when earning scores for the medal. Multiple horses may be used.

    Ride in a minimum of two USEF-licensed and USEF-recognized competition completing any regular USEF or FEI test. Award is earned at the Training, First and Second Levels.

    Riders must have at least six scores of 60 percent: two at First Level from two judges and two rides; two at second level from two judges and two rides; two at Third Level from two different judges and two different rides.

    When there are two or more judges officiating a ride, submit the average of the scores.

    After earning the six required scores, complete the official Rider Performance Award Application and submit a $25 non-refundable processing fee. Submit the application by September 30th to be eligible for the current show year.

    Riders receive the Bronze Medal at the USDF Annual Convention.

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