How to Buy Luge Gear

    Buy a luge sled. It will have a flat surface or "pod" for you to lie down on, grips for steering, and steel-tipped runners for speed. Your luge sled should be tailor-made to suit your height and weight.

    Purchase a helmet. Similar to a ski helmet, a luge helmet has a clear face mask that extends below your chin to minimize wind resistance.

    Get your luge speed suit. This skintight racing suit is made to stretch and hug your body to give you an aerodynamic profile.

    Invest in luge gloves, which have spikes at the tips of the fingers that allow you to grip ice as you propel off the start.

    Purchase luge shoes. These "booties" have a zipper that runs along the top of your foot, preventing drag.


  • Have your speed suit, gloves, boots and even your sled fitted to you. One-size-fits-all equipment doesn't work on the luge track.
  • Make sure your helmet fits properly on your head. You should not be able to feel the helmet move if you shake your head from side to side.

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