How to Customize Your Own Football Visor

    Step 1

    Choose a customization Web site to work with. Compare prices before designing a visor with a particular Web site.

    Step 2

    Choose a visor style and color from the available options, and click “design” or “customize.”

    Step 3

    Use the Web site’s design wizard to customize the visor. Add text and graphics to a pre-set template, or add your own text and art to a blank visor. You can choose the text’s color, font and size, and some Web sites allow you to upload your own images to put on the visor.

    Step 4

    Preview the visor and make changes if you are unsatisfied.

    Step 5

    Get a quote if you are ordering visors in bulk. The price of individual visors will go down if you order in bulk.

    Step 6

    Specify the quantity of visors you want, and go to your cart. Enter payment and shipping information to complete the purchase.

Things Needed

  • Customized apparel Web site

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