How to Customize Your Own Football Visor

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You can order customized football visors for yourself or for a friend who coaches, plays or passionately follows football. Wear your spirited, customized football visor to sunny outdoor games. You can design your own visor at a variety of Web sites. Look at or If you just want one visor, make sure the Web site does not have a minimum quantity requirement.

Choose a customization Web site to work with. Compare prices before designing a visor with a particular Web site.

Choose a visor style and color from the available options, and click “design” or “customize.”

Use the Web site’s design wizard to customize the visor. Add text and graphics to a pre-set template, or add your own text and art to a blank visor. You can choose the text’s color, font and size, and some Web sites allow you to upload your own images to put on the visor.

Preview the visor and make changes if you are unsatisfied.

Get a quote if you are ordering visors in bulk. The price of individual visors will go down if you order in bulk.

Specify the quantity of visors you want, and go to your cart. Enter payment and shipping information to complete the purchase.