Difference Between Volleyball & Badminton Shoes


The correct shoes are important for any sport, including badminton and volleyball. The hundreds of different types of volleyball and badminton shoes vary in price and quality. Certain features, however, make a badminton shoe unique and a volleyball shoe unique. Although volleyball and badminton shoes are quite similar and can be used interchangeably, sport-specific shoes should be used because they are designed, in small ways, to enhance comfort and game play, promote stability and reduce injury for the types of movement the particular sport requires.


The two most important factors of a volleyball shoe are the sole and the weight. The most important factor of a badminton shoe is the thin sole.


Good volleyball shoes are made with a gum rubber sole, which allows for better traction on an indoor court than other types of sole. The shoes are designed for side-to-side movement, and the traction allows for the player to move quickly without slipping.

Badminton shoes are designed with thin gum rubber soles to create a lower center of gravity and, hence, better stability and traction for the player. Badminton shoes should never have black soles because they leave scuff marks on the court. They are designed specifically to address stamina, leg strength and quick reaction time, which are crucial elements to the game of badminton.


Volleyball shoes should be lightweight. Women's volleyball shoes tend to weigh between 9.2 and 11 oz., while men's volleyball shoes weigh between 11.2 and 15 oz.

Badminton shoes should be as light as possible in order to promote quicker movement.

Ankle Support

Volleyball shoes typically are made with low ankle support.

Badminton shoes have low ankle support to allow for ankle flexibility. Inserts are available for people worried about spraining an ankle, however. Although badminton is a lateral sport, badminton shoes are designed with no lateral support so that the ankle is strengthened against shock and the risk of injury is lowered.

Shock Absorption

Volleyball shoes have more padding in the front of the shoe than badminton shoes. The extra padding absorbs shock from jumping and landing.

Badminton shoes are equipped with shock absorption cushions to minimize impact.