Differences Between a Pit Bike & a Dirt Bike


A pit bike is a small motorcycle used for pit racing and for riding in pits; these bikes are usually used by kids while dirt bikes are motorcycles made to ride on streets and un-even roads. Matt Doeden in his book "Dirt Bikes'' states that "Dirt bikes are lightweight and they can be handled well on dirt, mud and sand." Pit bikes and dirt bikes are similar to each other in many ways and are used for activities like racing and sports. Differences between them include their engines, prices, frames, tires and suspension.


Pit bikes have a four-stroke engine which makes the bike strong and powerful. This powerful engine permits swift acceleration and high speeds. Dirt bikes have a two-stroke engine; it allows riders to quickly accelerate to high speeds. Four-stroke engines do not accelerate as quickly, but they are more powerful and use less fuel. In dirt bikes engines occupy high positions positioned to avoid stumbling from rocks and stones, and gas tanks placed in the middle of both tires to provide a balance.

Short Frame

Pit bikes are smaller than dirt bikes. Due to the smaller frame racers often use pit bikes to pass through pits. Pit bikes are convenient to ride and their shorter frames make them suitable for adolescents. Pit bikes are small with an attractive look and are easier to ride. Pit bikes have big handlebars whereas dirt bikes have a bigger frame with proportional handlebars.


Dirt bikes have rubber on the outer surface of their tires which makes them better to move in dirt, rough terrain, mud and sand, while pit bikes do not have rubber on the outer surface of their tires. This rubber provides a better grip and balance to the dirt bikes, making them efficient for riding on rocky streets.


Pit bike and dirt bikes are different in the level of suspension. A suspension system connects the wheels to the bike’s main body. The system includes shock absorbers that support the rider to smoothly ride over bumpy ground. Dirt bikes offer a better suspension as compared to pit bikes, making the bike secure and efficient by keeping wheels directly in contact with the path.


Dirt bikes are expensive to buy while pit bikes are cheaper and popular among youth. Pit bikes can be fixed easily as spare parts and are easily available, while dirt bikes are difficult to fix and require continuous maintenance for enhanced performance.