How to Do a Psoas Release

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The psoas is a large and powerful muscle that is responsible for stabilizing the base of your spine. A tight or strained psoas can lead to lower back pain and can limit your free range of motion. Worse, a tightened psoas can put pressure on the lumbar vertebrae, leaving them susceptible to injury. Releasing the psoas muscle is a relatively simple procedure that requires just a few minutes of your time and the use of a small ball.

Place a small soft ball on the floor. The ball should be slightly larger and softer than a tennis ball.

Lower yourself onto the small soft ball, about one to two inches outside of your belly button, near the area that hurts. You will feel a slight discomfort as you lower yourself, this is your psoas responding to the pressure.

Come up on your elbows and arch your back. This action will cause a more forceful stretch and, in turn, will cause your psaos to release.


Visit your physical therapist if the discomfort persists. This is the most effective way to loosen your psoas.

You can avoid a strained psoas by regularly engaging in stretching exercises which promote flexibility and mobility.