Fast Way to Break in Cleats

Fast Way to Break in Cleats

Soccer players may like the idea of shiny new cleats until they put the shoes on for the first time. Blisters, cuts and abrasions on the feet is common for the first few outings if the shoes are not properly broken in. Putting your shoes through the paces before wearing them out on the pitch will prevent painful sores that may affect your performance during games.

Wear the cleats around the house with the socks and shin guards you would use during an actual soccer game.

Put on the new shoes along with a pair of game socks, and soak your feet in a tub of warm water for 20 minutes. Remove your feet from the water and allow the cleats to shrink around your feet.

Take off the shoes and stuff them with newspaper, or put them on a shoe tree to retain their shape.

Rub the surface of the shoes with petroleum jelly to prevent cracking once the shoes have dried.