What Glue to Use for Bowling Ball Finger Inserts

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Bowling ball inserts, sometimes called finger grips, are popular with some bowlers. These grips are put in place in the finger holes, and are meant to help the ball fit the individual bowler better. The finger holes in balls are drilled to standard sizes, and the finger grips are meant to prevent the ball from sliding off .

Specialty Glues

Some producers of finger inserts also produce specialty glues for installing the inserts. This glue usually works with any type of ball and any type of insert. These can be purchased at a bowling alley pro shop or at an online retailer.

Super Glue Gel

A glue recommended by many bowlers is a simple, inexpensive super glue in gel form. Beginners should avoid regular super glue, since it runs easily and will drip quickly to the bottom of the finger hole. The gel variety stays in place and can be adjusted easily. It also sticks to the finger grip and adheres all the way down the grip.

Name Brand Super Glue

Experienced bowlers recommend the name brand Super Glue for gluing inserts. While the gel is easier to manage and doesn't run, there are some balls that don't stick to it well. Name-brand Super Glue adheres to most balls tightly. There is also glue solvent, if the grips wear out or need to be changed.


To glue the grips into the ball, position the grips so that they are comfortable. Start gluing on the inside part of the grip. Pull the grip away from the edge with a flat head screwdriver, then add a drop of glue. Go to the opposite side of the grip and repeat. Then glue the front and the back of the grip in the same way, so the glue is used on all four sides.