Gymnastics Equipment Names

The Olympic Games feature three types of gymnastics competitions: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline. Each of these types of gymnastics utilizes different equipment. In artistic gymnastics, men and women compete on different equipment.

Artistic Gymnastics

In artistic gymnastics, women compete in floor exercise and on three pieces of equipment: vault, uneven bars and balance beam. These events showcase the flexibility, grace and power of female gymnasts. Male gymnasts compete on five pieces of equipment. Like female gymnasts, male gymnasts compete on floor exercise and vault. They also use the pommel horse, still rings, parallel bars and high bar. Men's events, particularly the still rings and parallel bars, require substantial upper-body strength.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

In rhythmic gymnastics, the competitors use five different pieces of equipment: rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. In contrast to artistic gymnastics and trampoline, where the equipment is provided by the gym or competition arena, rhythmic gymnasts must purchase their own equipment.


In trampoline competitions, required equipment includes trampolines, padding, safety platforms, spotter mats and safety mats. All pieces of equipment must meet the size and construction specifications issued by USA Gymnastics.