Homemade Hockey Pucks

    Peel off the label from an empty tobacco dip can.

    Open the dip can. Clean the inside of the empty tobacco can with a clean rag to remove any dirt or dust.

    Measure 1/2 cup of sand. This will give the puck heft by adding the necessary weight to keep the can on the ground.

    Fill the can with sand and close the can by reapplying the lid.

    Wrap the outside of the dip can with two to three layers of duct tape. Place duct tape only on the sides of the can as applying tape to the top portion or bottom portion of the can may stop the puck from sliding properly.


  • Use the dipping-can puck to practice puck control games, rather than slap shots, as the puck may not be heavy enough for the latter.

Things Needed

  • Tobacco dip can
  • Rag
  • Duct tape
  • Measuring cup
  • Sand

About the Author

Scarlett Gauthier began writing in 2003. Gauthier has a graphic design/arts DVS from Rosemount Technology Center in Montreal.