How to Do Fingertip Pushups (with Video)

Man doing push-ups at home

Pushups have bodybuilding and muscle-strengthening benefits and mainly target the upper body muscles like the triceps. They're often considered the perfect exercise -- no equipment is needed and they can be done almost anywhere with just your bodyweight. This every day exercise is very versatile and there are many push up variations but none is more challenging than the finger-tip push up

When performed on your fingertips, pushups can help build finger strength, forearm strength and improve your grip strength. This can be beneficial in martial arts, wrestling and weightlifting. To prevent injuries and for optimal results, learn how to properly perform fingertip pushups. Get your doctor's approval before engaging in a new exercise routine or calisthenics training program.

How to do finger push-ups

Now before attempting some crazy feat like the Bruce Lee two finger pushup, you have to learn the basic movements of this exercise. Start by getting into a regular push up position or coming down on all fours and positioning your hands shoulder width apart and your knees under your hips.

Spread your fingers apart and lift your palms off the floor so you're balancing on your fingertips. Point your thumbs toward your body and point your remaining fingers away from your body.

Contract your abdominals as if to pull your belly button up toward your lower back. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

Flex your feet, tuck your toes under and extend your legs behind you. Tighten your glutes and leg muscles, and look down toward the floor so your body forms into the plank position. Avoid sagging your hips down toward the floor or pushing them up in the air.

Bend at your elbows and slowly lower your body until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for two seconds.

Push off on your fingertips to return your body to the starting position. Pause for two seconds before going into the next fingertip push.


    1. Just like when you do a standard push up, Inhale as you lower your body, and exhale as you push yourself up during each rep.
    2. Perform fingertip pushups on your knees before progressing to fingertip pushups with extended legs.
    3. Perform repetitions and sets according to your fitness level and strength training goals.
    4. If you're new to exercise, consider hiring a personal trainer to teach you proper form.
    5. Perform fingertip pushups in front of a mirror so you can monitor your form.