Hula Hoop Team Games

Pass the Hoop

    Pass the hoop is a hula hoop team game that focuses on a large team working together. It's perfect for team building exercises or simply for big parties. Everyone forms a large circle, holding hands with the person to their left and right. A hula hoop should be placed around a set of clasped hands. From this point, players must pass the hoop around the circle without unclasping hands. They can push their body through the hoop and also pass it over their heads. Time how long it takes the players to pass the hoop around the circle. Players can then play again to best their previous time. This game teaches teamwork as players must learn to move together and carefully communicate and coordinate their body movements. To increase the difficulty, put more than one hoop in the circle, making sure some are different sizes and can move through the other hoops.

Team Time Challenge

    Keeping a hula hoop going can be a real challenge. Experience this with teammates by playing this game. Divide your group into equal teams. Give each player a hula hoop and start a timer. Everyone must keep the hula hoop up as long as possible. If the hula hoop drops to the floor completely, the player is out of the game. However, if they can keep it moving at all, even very slowly, they are still in the game. A team is in the competition as long as there is at least one team member left hooping. Once a team is out, take note of their final score. If you play more than one round, keep track of the team’s times for every round to tally up their final score. This game will test your team’s stamina and hula hooping skills.

Hula Hoop Relay

    Use hula hoops to set up a fun and challenging hula hoop relay race. Each team gets one hula hoop. Start on the starting line of a running track to make the game simpler; if a track is not available measure out an appropriate distance, such as 200 yards. The teams should stagger their players along the track at 50 yard intervals. The starting player holds the hula hoop around his waist with his hands. This creates a fairly awkward running position, which provides amusing moments while players struggle to hold the hoop and run. The hoop can never touch the ground. Players must stand in place for five seconds if they let their hoop touch the ground. Players run their 50 yards and then remove their hoop and place it over the head of their teammate. The first team to to the finish line wins.

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