Ideas for Speeches on the Importance of Sports


    Sports build unity among a group of people pushing toward a specific goal. They may not have anything in common beside their love of the game, and that alone draws them together. Like any relationship, sports teach teamwork. An athlete is no longer a individual unit but part of a whole. Sports force people to deal with different personalities and temperaments. Speeches on this topic could include examples of Super Bowl teams or teams that overcame great diversity to succeed.


    Sports teach discipline. For the same reason parents send irresponsible children to military school to learn discipline, sports teach the skills necessary to become a responsible adult. In order to function properly, team members must learn to be on time to practice and games. To be the best, they must train their bodies, muscles and minds to meet the physical, mental and emotional requirements of the job at hand. This often means extra gym time, more weights and a restricted diet. Sports teach individuals to work hard. A speech on this topic could stress the importance of sports discipline in training young adults to apply discipline to all areas of their lives.

Life Skills

    Sports teach important life skills. Leadership is necessary and important in our culture. Sports train people to be leaders, whether as sports stars or as leaders in their communities and schools. Life is a series of wins and losses. Sports teach people the art of becoming a gracious winner and loser and how to handle either circumstance. People also learn to set goals. An Olympian must first discipline her own body, then conquer practices, then trial runs, then small competitions and finally qualify for the Olympics. A speech on this topic could parallel life circumstances and the important role sports play in developing skills to conquer these circumstances.


    Sports provide escape for students wrestling with the difficulties of life. Teens in the projects often struggle with home circumstances, grades and rocky futures. Playing a sport is a coping mechanism. It allows them to channel energy and focus on something they love and excel at. It is also a constructive task to keep them on the courts and fields and away from circumstances that could get them in trouble. Sports allow them to build dreams of college scholarships and give them role models to emulate and follow. Sports show them that anything is possible because those who succeed come from all walks of life. Speeches focusing on this topic should address the challenges of teens and the benefit of sports in their daily lives.

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