How to Install a Trampoline Safety Net

Trampolines are one of the favorite outdoor play things for children. Almost every child loves bouncing on a trampoline in their yard. However, trampolines also can cause serious injuries if not used properly. Modern trampolines come with safety nets to help keep children safe. If you have an old trampoline and want to install a net to make it safer, or if you lost the directions to your new trampoline and need to install it again, then these instructions are for you. This project should take about a day to complete. Once finished you can have peace of mind knowing that children are safe playing on your trampoline.

Take the steel or aluminum tubes from the box and put them together. The tubes usually connect to the feet of the trampoline. Some poles will have a notched end at one side. This is the top. Slide the smaller tube into the larger notched tube. Leave the foam coverings on the tubes; this is part of the finished product.

Attach the tubes to the base of the trampoline. Slide the ends of the tubes onto the tops of the trampoline base. Screw into place with a bolt and nut. The tubes should now be sticking up from the perimeter of the trampoline like spikes. Attach the balls to the top of the poles that will hold the webbing in place.

Take the webbed portion of the netting and slide through the ball on top of each pole. Knot the webbing at the base of each pole. The netting is a large, rectangular piece. Stretch out the netting and locate each part where the netting should attach to the poles. Attach the webbing first before the netting otherwise the netting will not be aligned properly.

Tie the netting to the poles and the trampoline with the ties that are included in your net kit. Each pole should have at least three loops attached to it. Tie the loops with a square knot. This ensures that the loops do not come untied if the net is bumped into by an overly-enthusiastic child.

Go around the trampoline and check that all of the parts are attached correctly. Make sure the poles are stable and not wobbly. Ensure that all ties of the net are tied where they need to go. Make sure the opening of the trampoline is accessible and can be tied shut when children are playing on the trampoline.


Stretch the net out and locate the tie points before setting the net up. If this does not happen then the whole net will not align. This will cause you to have to re-do the entire netting.


Never let children on the trampoline until all parts have been assembled completely and safely.