How to Keep a Score Book for Volleyball Step by Step


Team volleyball is a popular sport at both the high school and collegiate level. Unlike tandem beach volleyball, which features only two players who participate for the entire game, team volleyball includes larger sides with substitutes, requiring slightly more complex score keeping. While the volleyball score book can seem intimidating at first glance, with practice you will find that tracking the play on the court for further analysis becomes second nature to you.

Record all in-game marks using a pencil.

Record all pre- and post-match information using pen.

Use capital letters for all writing and "Last name, first name" format for all names.

Mark whether each team will serve or receive first using the respective "R" and "S" next to the team names.

Fill in the lineup boxes using player numbers in each team's respective serve order.

Check off the "1" option in the first serving player's service score box when the player begins her first service. Continue for all future services, marking each service position's "1" for the first round of service, "2" when the position serves for the second time and so on.

Check the corresponding point tally on the scoreboard at the top of the sheet for each point scored.

Circle any tallied points awarded due to conduct penalty to show the point was not won in open play.

Record the exit score for each round of service in the serve box when possession of serve is lost.

Note all substituted players in the corresponding position on the lineup using numbers. It is important that each substitution is accurately recorded as a player may not leave from one service position and return in another position.