How to Lob Pass in Soccer

  1. Look past the opponent on the field for an open teammate.

  2. Dribble the ball to a near stop about 3 to 4 feet in front of you.

  3. Approach the ball with your arms to the side and leaning slightly backwards for maximum balance.

  4. Plant your nonkicking foot next to the ball and bring your kicking foot forward at a 45 degree angle from a slight back swing while swinging your hips to create additional power.

  5. Get your kicking foot underneath the ball and strike the lower half of the soccer ball with the top part of the inside of your foot. Make sure to angle your toe down during the striking movement. You need to strike with enough lift to get the ball over the opponent's head, while also striking with an appropriate amount of force to lob the ball directly to the teammate and not too far in front of or behind him.

  6. Follow through on the kick to form good technique.

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