How Long Should You Charge Golf Carts?

Fully Charge After Every Use

    Charge golf cart batteries completely before use, especially when using brand new batteries. Whether using your cart for a few holes on the course or driving it for a few minutes, give it a full charge to optimize battery life. According to Golf Carts Etc., you should charge your cart batteries fully 20 to 50 times before they reach full potential.

Overcharging Can Kill Batteries

    O'Tools Tool & Equipment Rental says that overcharging batteries causes the most damage to their life. Overcharging causes water loss in the batteries, which can cause them to overheat. Using a charger with an automatic turn-off will help regulate the charge time. If your charger does not turn off automatically, you may need to replace a bad battery or the charger.

Bottom Line

    Charge your golf cart after every use. Don't let your cart sit for a long time without charging because the batteries will get weak. Use an automatic turn-off charger to avoid overcharging your batteries so you can get the most life out of them.

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