How to Make Your Bowling Ball Shiny


When first pulled from its box, a new bowling ball gleams like a brand new penny. All it takes is one throw down the bowling lane for the ball to lose that luster. Bowling lane oil, rubber pinsetters and ball return channels conspire to dull the finish of your bowling ball. Eventually, depending on how much you bowl, you will likely need to take the ball to your local pro shop or bowling establishment to have it professionally refinished. In the meantime, there are a number of steps you can take to bring that like-new shine back to your bowling ball.

Wipe your bowling ball often with a microfiber towel while you are bowling to remove lane oil and rubber marks.

Place adhesive tape over the thumb and finger holes to prevent liquid from getting into them.

Apply a small amount of liquid ball cleaner to another microfiber towel and clean the entire surface if the ball. Wipe the surface of the ball with another microfiber towel -- if any dirt comes off, clean the ball again.

Apply a small amount of bowling ball polish to a hand polishing pad. Apply polish liberally until the surface of the ball is covered. Allow the polish to sit on the ball's surface for a few minutes before wiping clean with a microfiber towel.

Place your ball in a bowling ball buffer/carrier and spin the ball back and forth several times to add even more shine.


Use a high-speed ball spinner, which can be found in most bowling establishments, to resurface your ball every 30 to 50 games, depending on your bowling frequency.