How to Make a Leather Gun Case

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Many quality guns will last a lifetime and beyond if proper care is taken. Leaving a firearm exposed to dirt, moisture and prying hands can prove harmful to them. A simple, homemade leather gun case for either a longgun or handgun can be easy to make and an enjoyable activity that only takes several hours. It provides protection and will be a point of pride as part of a firearms collection.

Set the yardstick vertically in the middle of the paper and mark a vertical straight line 12 inches beyond the length of the firearm.

Lay the gun with the spine along the line, the muzzle at the top, and the trigger to the left.

Outline the gun with a 4-inch allowance to the left, bottom, and top of the firearm. Allow an extra inch on the right side.

Scissor around the pattern and place it on the side of the leather that is to be used for the inside of the case.

Copy the pattern with a marking pen to show the left side. Reverse it and copy the right side.

Cut around the outlined leather being sure to stay just outside the border.

Lay the leather flat onto the workbench and place the firearm to the left, the same as in the original tracing. Bring the right side completely over the firearm and match the all the borders up to one another.

Press down on the leather to get a snug fit. Determine how much margin you want for the case and then measure from the top corner to the bottom corner. Divide that by two to determine how many snaps you will need. If the number is fractional, then adjust the distance between the snaps from two inches to slightly smaller to ensure a smooth distribution of the snaps. Use a pencil to mark where the snaps should go.

Begin setting the snaps at the bottom corner and continue to the top corner.

Cut away any leather outside the snap border. Dampen the raw edges slightly and burnish by using a piece of smooth hardwood to rub them.


The best leather around firearms is vegetable tanned. Chromium tanned leather and suede can both harm the metal.

Experiment with burnishing the scraps of leather before you attempt it on the finished case.


Check and double-check that the firearm is unloaded prior to beginning.