How to Make Money With Coin-Operated Pool Tables

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Coin-operated pool tables are a great way to earn some extra money for your business, working best in areas such as bars, pubs, game rooms, community centers, hotels and other places where people gather and want to be entertained. According to Pool Tables Direct, bringing a pool table into your business will not only make money in its own right, but also will give customers a reason to stay longer, increasing revenue on food and drinks you sell.

Buy the type of coin-operated pool table that is right for your business. Choose between a coin-operated pool table where customers pay for each game and a pool table where customers pay to play a certain amount of time.

Calculate the number of games that will need to be played to earn back the money you spent on a coin-operated pool table. This is fairly easy, since pool tables don&#039;t come with a lot of hidden costs, such as high spikes in your electric bill. Once you have your table paid off, however, you will still need to calculate for pool table maintenance.

Set the price for playing. This could be anywhere from 50 cents a game on coin-operated tables to a few dollars per hour to rent a table, depending on your business strategy. If you are using a pool table to attract customers for other purchases, a cheap price for pool could help increase the size of the crowd.

Write out a maintenance schedule for basic cleaning procedures. You will probably have to pay a professional to come in every month or so for general upkeep. You will also need to account for the replacement of chalk, pool sticks and balls.

Place your coin-operated pool table in a location that maximizes the sales of other products that you are trying to sell. For example, if you are bringing a pool table into your bar, you are going to want your customers to be able to purchases drinks without having to stray too far from their game. You should also place your pool table in an area that can be monitored. Making sure the table is being handled the right way will save you from extra maintenance costs in the future.