Who Sings Sunday Night Football? The Best SNF Singers.

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Sunday Night Football is an American tradition. Along with Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football, it is one of the few glimpses NFL fans can get of their favorite teams in primetime. It is a ratings magnet on Sunday Nights and, like many other major sporting events, has its own theme song. The theme song has changed as the years go on and has seen many different singers be the main artist of the theme song. This is the history of the Sunday Night Football theme song.

What is Sunday Night Football?

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Sunday Night Football, or SNF, is NBC Sports’ primetime coverage of the NFL, with one marquee game chosen for the Sunday Night timeslot. It began in 2006, after ESPN dropped the rights to air the SNF games in favor of airing Monday Night Football. It was the first weekly sports program to hold the title of most watched network TV program in television history, dethroning American Idol. As part of their coverage, NBC decided to borrow the Monday Night Football tradition of a theme song for the show open. Hank Williams Jr. sang the theme for ESPN and was one of many traditions NBC borrowed for their coverage.

Who was the first singer of the Sunday Night Football opening?

American singer songwriter and punk pop superstar Pink was the first to sing the theme song for Sunday Night Football. The song was a reworked version of Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You” entitled “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night”. This would be Pink’s only year doing the intro and she would be replaced next season.

Who sang the Sunday Night Football song after Pink?

Nashville star and country music singer Faith Hill would replace Pink as the New Sunday Night Football singer. The opening theme of “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” remained the same for NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Her husband, country star Tim McGraw also did the theme for Monday Night Football’s halftime show around the same time. Her theme was often parodied and joked about due to its cheesy nature. Faith Hill would do the theme from 2007 to 2013, with 2013’s theme featuring cameos from NBC shows like The Voice, Chicago Fire and more. Faith Hill would step down in 2013 with the intention of letting someone else handle the role.

Who currently sings the Sunday Night Football theme?

Country singer and Grammy award winner Carrie Underwood took over theme duties in 2014 from Faith Hill and used the same arrangement until 2016. In 2016, Underwood and NBC used parts from her hit duet with Miranda Lambert “Somethin’ Bad” to create a new song “Oh, Sunday Night” and the song would be used until 2018, except during Super Bowl LI.

In 2018, Underwood and NBC would use a brand new song called “Game On”. The song would only last one year as Underwood, NBC, and the songwriters were sued by Heidi Merril due to the striking resemblance to Merril’s song “Game On”

Since then, Underwood has sung “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” and has become a staple of NBC’s SNF coverage. She will return in 2022 for the week one matchup of the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.