Nike STR8-Fit Driver Instructions

Nike designed its STR8-Fit drivers with an adjustable hosel joint, allowing golfers to alter the face, loft and lie angles. These adjustments can create eight shot types when hitting the club off the tee. The lie is the angle you must hold the club to allow the club head to rest flat on the ground. The face angles can be open, shut or neutral to promote a fade or draw as well as compensate for a hook or slice. Altering the loft angle will change the ball's trajectory between low and high.

Locate the hosel on the driver. This is the small metal joint where the shaft fits into the club head.

Fit the wrench around the outer sleeve of the hosel joint and twist counterclockwise until completely loosened.

Change the club head to your desired form using your hand. An open face will promote a fade and counteract a hook, while a closed face will help a golfer draw draw the ball and counteract a slice. Taller players will need a more upright lie to compensate for their height, while shorter golfers will need a flatter lie angle. Golfers with a slower swing speed should increase the loft angle.

Fit the Nike wrench around the sleeve of the hosel joint and twist clockwise to maintain your alterations. The wrench will blink and beep to let you know the hosel is securely fastened. If you don't get that signal from the wrench, try again to make sure the club head is completely fastened to the shaft before use.


Swing naturally, regardless of the alterations you have made to the club head, and let the club alter the ball flight. In other words, if you set the club for a draw, don't try to hit a draw, just hit it normally and let the club do the work.


According to the Rules of Golf, any club with movable parts, such as the Nike STR8-Fit driver, can only be used in tournaments if all alterations have been made prior to each round and no changes are made during the rounds.