How to Organize Baseball Cards

How to Organize Baseball Cards. Baseball cards can be worth a lot of money. But you'll only see that money if the cards are kept in good condition. Preserving your baseball card collection is easy to do with the right tools. And when your baseball cards are organized, you can find them in a flash.

Sort all your cards. One good way to sort them is by year, and then by player name. Some people prefer to sort their cards by brand. Determine which option is best for you, and remain consistent as you add new cards to your collection.

Put all your cards in sleeves. Baseball card sleeves are reasonably priced, so you can use one for each card. Sleeves are available for one card, or for an entire page of cards. Top loaders are also available for cards that are more valuable.

Organize your cards so they can be easily stored. Some people store their baseball cards in albums, while others prefer boxes. If you have enough cards, you could store one decade in each album or box.

Determine how much each card is worth. Price guides are available at your local bookstore to help you do this. Price guides are also available online for a monthly fee.

Track your collection using your computer. Software is available to help you do this, or you can create a spreadsheet using basic software that comes with your computer.


Rubber bands contain chemicals that can actually damage your baseball cards. No matter what storage option you choose, try to steer clear of rubber bands.