Overtime and Team Foul Rules in NBA Basketball

Overtime and Team Foul Rules in NBA Basketball

Overtime Rules

Overtime is forced when two teams are tied after 48 minutes of regulation play.

Basic NBA Overtime Rules:

  1. Overtime periods are five minutes long
  2. Overtime periods will continue to be played until one team scores more points than the other and wins the game
  3. Each team gets two twenty-second timeouts at the start of each overtime period
  4. There is no limit on the number of substitutions a team can make

Overtime Foul Rules

Just as there are rules pertaining to personal and team fouls in regulation time, there are also rules for fouls in overtime periods.

NBA Overtime Foul Rules:

  1. The number of team fouls does not carry over from previous overtime periods
  2. The number of personal fouls does carry over from regulation play and previous overtime periods
  3. A team has three fouls to give before each subsequent foul results in the other team shooting two free throws
  4. At the two minute mark in an overtime period, if a team has not yet reached the three-foul limit, they are allowed only one common foul; if a second foul is committed, free throws are awarded to the player that was fouled. If they had already reached the bonus, this does not apply and nothing changes
  5. Players are still subject to a limit of six fouls per game, even if the game goes into overtime; they are disqualified from the contest when six personal fouls are reached